Step Afrika! 101

Step Afrika! 101

Step Afrika 101 is an energetic, educational introduction to the art form of stepping.  Merging the steps and strolls created and still practiced by Black Greek-letter organizations with the sounds of AfroBeats and popular music, Step Afrika! 101 fuses explosive footwork, vibrant choreography, and contemporary African movement into an incredible, unique campus experience.

Step Afrika! is the first professional company in the world dedicated to the tradition of stepping. We promote an appreciation for stepping and its use as an educational, motivational and healthy tool for young people. We accomplish this mission through arts education activities, international cultural exchange programs and performances world-wide.

Stepping is a rising art form and an important part of America’s artistic and cultural heritage. In stepping, the body is used as an instrument to create intricate rhythms and sounds through a combination of footsteps, claps and the spoken word.

Over the past 20 years Step Afrika! has grown to become one of the top 10 African American Dance Companies in the US and Washington DC’s largest African American arts organization. Step Afrika! began as an exchange program with the Soweto Dance Theatre of Johannesburg, South Africa, and has expanded to become a national and international touring company presenting performance, residencies and workshops worldwide.

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