Bahiyyah Maroon

D.B. Maroon is the author of Black Lives, American Love, a book of hard-hitting essays on American culture, race, and the path to reconciliation within. She is an author, anthropologist, and speaker.

Recognized for evoking the grace of Zora Neale Hurston with a bold fusion of cultural observation and sun-woven truth-telling, D.B. Maroon writes critical essays, poetry, and fiction. Her work has been published in Spirit and Flame: An Anthology of Contemporary African American Poetry; Spirited: Affirming the Soul and Black Gay Lesbian Identity; and Publics, Politics, and Participation.

Intersectional, personal, and ultimately centered on truth, love, and perseverance, Black Lives, American Love  details and tends to the fractures in American culture.  It is a meditation on how we can all do more to secure America’s vastly beautiful possibilities for all its citizens, rather than a few.

A social justice writer who knows her subjects well, D.B. Maroon is an applied anthropologist. She has designed and improved social good programs that have impacted millions of lives for the better. She’s worked for over fifteen years with communities and stakeholders to tackle some of the most challenging issues spurred by social injustice, including housing access and wealth disparities. Currently, she is the CEO of Polis Institute, a research and engagement institute focused on equitable urban revitalization. Dr. Maroon is proud to be part of creating genuine shifts in equity, diversity, inclusion, and justice as part of her ongoing applied research and practice.

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