Emerald Snipes-Garner

 Unfotunately, too many have been exposed to early trauma without the means or environment to recover.At an early age, Emerald Garner had her world turned upside down.  Emerald is the youngest daughter of Eric Garner, who infamously was murdered at the hands of a now former police officer in 2014 after putting him in the now illegal choke hold.  

Emerald’s new memoir, Finding My Voice, shares the emotions she and her family endured as a guide to hope, recovery and thriving. Emerald found herself in desperate need of support and a way through the  media scrutiny, unsympathetic voices, stares and the inability to mourn. Her insights on how she moved forward through the initial trauma,and forged a path after tragedies through therapy, peer groups and setting goals.

As the Executive Director of the non profit organization We Can’t Breathe, Inc Emerald has become the leading voicein the fight for justice for her father and has vowed to never stop fighting laws and policies that help police officers get away with murder.. As a child victim and now young mom, Emerald is determined to help ease the pain and providea path to triumph over tragedy.

Accompanying Emerald is co-author Etan Thomas, himself a well known activist and the author of several books including We Matter “Athletes And Activism” was released March 6th 2018, Thomas has amassed an amazing collection of interviews intertwined with the heartfelt commentary of his own to create a masterpiece. You’ll read the voices of athletes, activists, media personalities, scholars, and the family of victims of police brutality. We Matter was listed as one of the top ten best activism books of all time by Book Authority.  

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