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INTRUSION is a solo play with 8 characters played by Qurrat Ann Kadwani.  20 years in the future, sexual violence has been eradicated until 1 woman comes forward about her rape.  Audiences of all backgrounds and ages can see how we all contribute to the perpetuation of rape culture by understanding how this event affects different sectors of our society.  The Narrator is a college student who motivates the audience to speak up and finds her own voice.  Other characters include Journalist, Prosecutor, Daytrader, Politician, Psychologist, 3rd Grader, Professor who help the audience learn about sexual violence statistics, Title IX history, self defense moves, and the complexity of sexual violence against women.

Qurrat Ann Kadwani is an award-winning actress who lives in NYC. She works in theatre, TV, film and corporate videos. She is also a producer creating entertainment about social justice issues. She produces an annual fundraiser for suicide prevention, she produced a movie about a gun culture and she promotes diversity acceptance through workshops and solo play tours.

Sexual Violence Prevention | NY | Intrusion By Qurrat Ann Kadwani


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