Bobby Seale

Within the last fifteen years the demise of several sixties left radical icons [including Huey P. Newton’s death in August of 1989; Abbie Hoffman 1991; Jerry Reubin in 1993, Eldridge Cleaver and Quame Turea in 1998, and now Dave Dellinger in 2004], Bobby Seale, in effect, has become one of the last surviving architects of one of the most important social change movements in American and African American history.  Defining themselves as a “revolutionary humanist” Seale and his wife Leslie bring the 60’s protest movement era full circle showing how times have changed. How we must reach for the future: Protest, organize people’s programs and evolve a profoundly progressive society with greater direct [participatory] community control democracy: Void of racist, bigoted or chauvinistic practices. Void of warmongering and all the extremes of avaricious exploitation. Complete with a profound cyber-space science-based activism. Polylectically realizing and understanding how all civil-human rights issues today are interconnected, interdependent, intertwined, and interrelated with all our ecological environmental problems, the new millennium political issues, and global economics. 

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