Dr. Cornel West

Dr. Cornel West has been described as one of America’s most vital and eloquent intellectuals. A noted philosopher, he has taken his struggle for racial equity to the national spotlight, providing a gifted and stimulating voice to the ongoing debate. Currently the Class of 1943 University Professor of Religion at Princeton University, Dr. West has authored many groundbreaking and thought provoking books that have changed the course of discussion of race, justice, and democracy. His best-selling Race Matters, a collection of profoundly moral essays served as a call to social action and has become a contemporary classic. Dr. West continues to explore new avenues for teaching and communicating. He has appeared in the Matrix Trilogy and served as the philosophical foundation for the films. 

His CDs, Sketches of My Culture and Street Knowledge highlight his belief that growing divisions in our society foster the despair and distrust that undermines our democratic process. By working to create an ongoing dialogue between the myriad of voices in our culture, Dr. West is vigilant in his efforts to restore hope to America. He is a mesmerizing speaker, dynamic philosopher, and enlightened activist. With astute intellect and ferocious moral vision, Dr. West continuously challenges modern thought with great efficacy 

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